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 fugue, in three voices

2020 (rome, IT)

fuga a tre voci_a3 def.jpeg

A shelter, a telephone, a suitcase, chocolate and a bike. A love story dictated by the atrocities of the war. The first man, the woman and the second man, inspired by the theatre play “Histoire d’amour” by Jean-Luc Lagarce.

Three different voices, their thoughts, their feelings perfectly intersect in a binaural design, with the suggestive background of a park. An experience to be lived through headphones, choosing scene by scene one of the three audio channels, each linked to a character. The audience will thus be caught in the sounds of the feelings and thoughts of the three characters who, evoking live François Truffaut's “Jules et Jim”, move and live through the crucial events of their story.


A Project xx1 production, in collaboration with the Scuola Popolare di Musica Donna Olimpia and the Teatro Villa Pamphilj with the contribution of the "8 per mille" office - Chiesa Valdese


by Alessandro D'Ambrosi, Anna Maria Avella, Silvia Ferrante, Sandra Albanese, Riccardo Brunetti


with Alessandro D'Ambrosi, Roberto Luigi Mauri, Roberta Rigano


special guest Maurizio Brescia D'Agostino


directed by Riccardo Brunetti and Alessandro D'Ambrosi

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